2016 "Folle" Conero Rosso Riserva

La Calcinara

Ortigia, the historical centre of the city of Syracuse, Sicily.  Photo by Bravino!

For our Marche shipment we couldn't feature one of the most famous red wine DOCG of the area. During our research at Vinitaly 2018, we met Paolo, the young owner and winemaker of "La Calcinara", considered one of the best producers of the appellation.  Paolo and his sister Eleonora


Photo by Bravino!

2016 La Calcinara "Folle" Rosso Conero Riserva

Grape:  100% Montepulcinao

Tasting Notes: The color is a dense ruby red. On the nose the wine is complex and elegant. It's earthy with notes of red and black fruits and spices and hints of balsamic. In the mouth is smooth with soft tannin, bright acidity and sapidity. In the after taste you get cocoa and chocolate powder.

Recommended Drink Window:  Best now-2025

Temperature of Service:  62-66° F

Decanting:  We suggest opening 1-1.5 hours ahead of time.  Once opened you can let the bottle sit open as you cook dinner.  However, if you don't have time to open in advance you can decant for a faster oxygenation.  We suggest to try to get your own personal idea tasting the wine little by little and discover new notes and aromas while the wine is opening up.  It's interesting to see how the wine changes from when first opened to 30 minutes or an hour later.

Nero d'Avola grapes. 

Photo by The Fifty Best

The wine takes the name from "Folle", an adjective that in Italian means crazy or mad. Paolo explained us that they decided to dedicate this wine to those people who always challenge themselves even if sometimes they can appear crazy or mad on the eyes of the others.

This wine is the perfect expression of the Rosso Conero Riserva DOCG. It's made of 100% Montepulciano, native grape of the area. The DOC Rosso Conero allows to use at most 15% of Sangiovese instead the Rosso Conero Riserva DOCG has to be 100 % of Montepulciano. The grape Montepulcinao is a native grape of central Italy and it is not related to the town of Montepulcino in province of Siena in Tuscany, where the Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG is made mostly with the Sangiovese clone native of the town.

The wines made from Montepulciano grapes express power, complexity and elegance with lot of tannins, but not aggressive and very smooth. The typical "bouquet" includes red fruits like cherry and maraschino cherry with spices and balsamic notes.

This wine is the result of the project started in 2007, when Paolo and Eleonora decided to interact, in the best possible way, the Montepulciano grape with Candia’s soil. The first wine came to light in 2007 and it is the gem of the all production of the winery. The production is only of 3500 bottles. The grapes of "Folle" are manually harvested in October,  the juice is fermented in stainless steel tanks and than aged for 18 months in new french oak barrels, 6 months of assembling and then 1 year refinement in bottle.

Ad alberello style trellising  

Photo by Custodi

Michele showing us their Nero d'Avola grapes. 

Photo by Bravino!


Siracusa. Photo by Understanding Italy

The Ancona area was influenced by the Dorians and the Doric civilization, as they founded the city of Ancona. The Greek colonists have left traces of viticulture and winemaking. Later the Etruscans spread in the Marche region  technical notions of vine cultivation and oenological processing.
 The Picenes learned from the Etruscans and their knowdledge about grapes and wine is demonstrated by the archaeological discovery of about 200 Vitis Vinifera grape seeds in a tomb in that of Matelica from the 7th century. BC. The influence of Rome allowed Pliny to describe a hundred varieties of vines grown in the Picena area. And, again, Apicius Marco Gavio, Roman character of culinary art, recalls an “anconetanum” wine, red and rather full-bodied.

The Docg is located around the area of the Monte Conero, in the province of Ancona, in the Marche region on the east coast of Italy. The territory consists in a strip of land that extends into the sea to the east and west, followed by the hills behind the Conero mountain range.

The wine was reconnaised as a DOC in 1967 and the "Conero Rosso Riserva" got the DOCG in 2004.


The vineyards rise on the hills protected by the mountain (over 1500 feet) from the cold northern winds, where the grapes can ripe well and sane and reach good sugar contents. The elevation of the vineyards is around 600 feet and the he soil present pelitic rocks, marl and calcarenitic banks, rich in marine fossils. The grapes in this area show white dust on the skin, becuase of the "Bora" wind that blows fron the sea and bring salt cristals that you can feel in the great sapidity and freshness of the wine.

Greek Theatre of Siracusa.  Photo by Deep in Sicily

Roman Ampitheatre of Siracusa. 

Photo by Bravino!


Sebastiano Gulino.  Photo by Cantine Gulino.

La Calcinara is a smart, young winery managed by Paolo and Eleonora Berluti.

The company was founded in 1997, just in Calcinara district at Candia townMario Berluti, their dad  and expert in the wine sector. Two years later, the first 4 hectares of vineyards Montepulciano were planted in the 20 hectares of land, with spurred cordon cultivation system. And today Calcinara has 9 total hectares of vineyards.

Over the years, the expert Mario gave the lead to his kids, Paolo and Eleonora, in the company’s management. Paolo and Eleonora are young and very excited. They really love the world of wine and have studied it in all its facets.
Paolo, a graduate of Viticulture and Oenology, has worked for a few months in New Zealand as a specialized technician at Hunter’s Winery in Marlborough. Then he moved in Chile, where he discovered the fascination of organic and biodynamic agriculture, and then in Bordeaux, where he learned the art of refinement and blending well wines.
Eleonora has done about the same path. Joined the Graduate Degree in Viticulture and Oenology in Ancona, she completed her studies at the Faculté d’Oenologie in Bordeaux.

Their preparation and passion is reflected in all the wine they produce, but especially in their higher end product "Folle" Conero Rosso Riserva.

Michele giving us a tour through the vineyards. 

Photo by Bravino!


The Conero Rosso is a medium to fullbodied wine, with good structure and smooth tannins. The bright acidity makes it a perfect red wine for food like the pasta with meat sauces, red meat grilled or baked. This Riserva is a little more rounded and velvety can pair relly good with gamy meats like grilled duck or wildboar. And if you have left the last glass try it with aged cheese like long-aged Pecorino or Parmigiano!



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