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Tommaso Cecchini

From Montalcino, Italy.  Graduated from the University of Florence with a degree in Business and Economics.  Specialized in Marketing, with a thesis on Wine Marketing. 

Certified Sommelier AIS (Italian Sommelier Association) and CMS Level 1 Certified.  10+ years of food and wine experience in Italy and  the USA. 

Q & A

Favorite wine and/or grapes?

Coming from Montalcino, I have to say Brunello!

Favorite hobby (other than drinking wine)?

Soccer! I enjoy playing "calcetto" (little soccer) and watching my favorite team, AC Milan.


Ciao!  We're Carly and Tommaso, husband & wife, and the owners of Bravino!  We met in 2015 while working together at an Italian style winery in Napa Valley.  You could say it was love at first sip!  We immediately bonded over our shared love of Italy and especially its wines.  June 1, 2017 we were married in San Francisco and then a year later to the date we had our big Italian wedding celebration in Montalcino surrounded by family and friends.


We are extremely passionate about Italy, its wine & cuisine in particular, and how it varies from region to region.  Italy is made up of 20 regions (you can think of it like how the US is made up of 50 states).  Each region is unique, grows its own native grapes (Italy is home to hundreds of grape varieties), has their own cuisine, culture and personality.  Instead of bunching all Italian wines and regions together like they're the same, we highlight how they're different. 

Carly Bricca

From Marin County, California.  Graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor's degree in Integrative Physiology.  WSET Level 2 Award in Wine and Spirits (Wine & Spirit Educational Trust) and CMS Level 1 Certified. 10+ years of wine experience in the USA and Italy.

Q & A

Favorite wine and/or grapes?

I don't believe in favorites!  There are too many great wines & grape varieties to limit yourself to just one.  What I drink depends on food, weather, mood, etc.  There are so many factors!  I enjoy drinking and trying different wines.

Favorite hobby (other than drinking wine)?

Yoga, pilates, hiking, and being active & outdoors in general.


Blending our Italian and Californian roots, wine expertise and passion for Italian wine, together we created Bravino! Italian Wine Club.  Our mission is to bring the best Italian wines made by small, family-owned producers straight from the winery to your table!

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