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2019 Nosiola Trentino DOC 

R. Zeni

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When we were selecting wines from Trentino-Alto Adige we were on the hunt to find something rare and special.  Nosiola is the only white grape variety to be typical and native to the Trentino region.  Nosiola is found mostly in the hills surrounding Trento, where the terroir gives the most flavorful expression of the grape.  On the exposed, ventilated hillsides there's little risk of rot or mildew and the variety's naturally high yields can be curbed due to the stress to create exceptionally bright and fresh wines.  When we ask people if they've tried Nosiola most reply, "No! I've never even heard of it!"  This is exactly why we want to share this hidden-gem with you.  Not only is this wine unique and rare, but it's absolutely delicious!  You also might recognize the producer, R Zeni, from one of our previous shipments-- our curated Sparkling Wines box.  We also purchased Zeni's TrentoDOC sparkling rosè.  We loved Zeni's wines so much that having the opportunity to feature him again in our regional Trentino-Alto Adige Shipment was a no brainer!  In addition to Nosiola we also purchased their red Teroldego Rotaliano

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2019 "Palustella" Nosiola Trentino DOC by R. Zeni

Grape: 100% Nosiola

Region:  Trentino (Trentino-Alto Adige)

Tasting Notes:  The color is an intense straw yellow.  Aromas of delicate fruits.  A mountain fresh, dry white wine with mineral, ripe fruits, hazelnut and herb flavors.  

Recommended Drink Window:  Best now until 2028


Temperature of Service:  50-54° F


Decanting:  No decanting needed

This wine is made from 100% Nosiola in purity.  Nosiola is a golden-skinned grape that is the only white fruit variety to be typical of and native to the Trentino region.  It has always been cultivated in Trentino and is experiencing new, growing success thanks to grape growers who are intent on making the most of territorial products.  The variety is popular in the Valle dei Laghi, connected to the production of botrytis affected Vino Santo dessert wines and on the hills of Sorni and Pressano in order to obtain a youthful, fresh, fruity wine with a pleasant woodland edge.  Flavor profiles can range from citrusy to tropical, depending on vinification, but Nosiola takes its name from its most distinctive flavor: nocciola (Italian for hazelnut).  Nosiola is native to Trentino, but recent DNA profiling has revealed a surprising parent-offspring relationship with Swiss Rèze, a very ancient grape variety.

Zeni's Nosiola is initially fermented in carbonic maceration to obtain a fruitier flavor, and then concludes the fermentation process without skin contact in stainless steel.

Trentino DOC is the catch-all DOC for a wide range of varietal wines, from light sweet reds to some fine, high altitude barrel fermented whites.  The DOC covers a rather large area of 72 municipalities from the city of Trento, along the Adige river, east of the city, to the higher altitude Cembra and the Sarca valley west of Trento to the northern shore of Lake Garda.  There’s evidence that grape growing and winemaking have been practiced in the area for ~3,000 years, and some suggest that both were introduced by Illyrian tribes migrated from Greece to Liguria and then on to Trentino.  It's important to not confuse Trentino DOC with Trento DOC, of similar size but devoted to sparkling wines only! (Check out our Trento DOC rosè, also produced by R Zeni, that was featured in our "Sparkling Shipment").

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